Future Retrospective Plans – Rest of 2016 & Early 2017

Hello everyone!

Been a while since the last Retrospective but I have a few announcements I want to share with this post. I plan on making Retrospectives for the Super Mario Series, Rayman, Sly Cooper, God of War and more franchises in the future, with all but God of War being exclusive to this site.

Originally, my Retrospectives were welcome with open arms on NeoGaf and many loved my work on the Sonic, Ratchet & Mega Man series. But, I noticed that the forum as a strong distaste for the platforming genre, so I decided all future platforming-genre related Retrospectives will be on this site and maybe other sites in the future.

I hope you all understand my decision regarding this, as I would rather people read my Retrospectives without hateful or sour comments on the games I cover.

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Mega Man 8 – Classic Series Retrospective

Mega Man 8 is a very interesting game in the series, as it is the first one in the classic series to land on the PlayStation One console. How does the massive jump from the SNES too the PS1 effect the Classic series formula?

Interestingly enough, very little. If Mega Man 7 was the celebration of the series up to that point, then Mega Man 8 is the graphically impressive title that does very little to change the series formula outside of continuing to take elements from the X series.

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Update – Retrospectives and Other Articles

Hello everyone!

Just want to let you all know that I am very thankful you all have read my Retrospectives. It has been great so far writing them and I hope you all have enjoyed the work I put into them.

So, what is happening going forward? Well, the Ratchet & Clank Retrospective will be concluding soon with a Retro on Into the Nexus later today, as I cannot cover the PS4 game as I do not own a PS4. When I get one, the Retrospective will continue with me covering the PSP games and closing things off with thoughts on the Movie and PS4 games.

I will also be posting the Retrospectives I have up on NeoGaf on this site soon in an edited form. They will pop up in bulks, so hope you enjoy a second look at some games I covered.

Lastly, the MM Retrospective and Spyro Retrospective will continue and will be more frequent. The former will be daily while the later will be weekly.

So, thank you all for your time and I hope you ahve a great night.