Sonic the Hedgehog – Looking Back

Hello everyone! With the looming announcement of Sonic’s big anniversary adventure sometime this Friday, I’ve been thinking about the series. Sonic is a franchise I grew up with and have a close connection too, which is evident from my work on the Sonic Retrospective series. I want to talk about how I started playing Sonic and what I am hoping from the anniversary game.

When it all began

When I was growing up, I had issue playing video games. I got excessively frustrated by them and remember vividly no having fun with them. So, despite my family getting me systems like the GBC, Dreamcast, PS2 and Nintendo 64, nothing really ‘clicked’ with me.

But I saw the purple lunchbox; the Nintendo GameCube. I remember wanting one and my mom getting it for me while we visited my aunt in New Jersey. I ripped open the box and hooked it up to a TV to test the system out and loved how the controller felt. My mom handed me a box and it said ‘Sonic Mega Collection’. I put the disk into the system and I ran through Green Hill Zone for my very first time.

I had fun and really enjoyed my time with Sonic 1, but I wanted more. I asked my mom for more Sonic and not long after I got my GameCube, I got a little game filled with adventure. To say I loved running through City Escape was an understatement. It was so much fun blasting through cars while riding on a snowboard downhill across San Fransico. Sonic Adventure 2 while a game I have some issues with now, is always a game I will hold fondly regarding gaming memories.

What it does right, it really nails. So my love for the Sonic series started basically, with me getting the original Sonic Adventure and Heroes next, some of the GBA games and I became a huge fan of the Blue Blur.

I even stuck through his weaker romps, like the edge-tastic Shadow the Hedgehog and the weak RPG Sonic Chronicles. When Sonic rose to the top again with Sonic Unleashed, Black Knight, Colors and Generations….it was amazing to see. People loved those games and the series was respected again. And with the anniversary game coming this year, decided my first big project as a writer; a massive Retrospective on Sonic, the series that got me back into gaming. With the response it got, I am very happy it released when it did and that the series got some more exposure through my writing.

Now, looking back on the series across the ages and eras, it has a lot of solid and mixed runs. But the overall package that is the Sonic series is very strong and one I am very proud to be a fan of.

So, what do you expect or want the Anniversary Game to be?

This is a good question, as its very hard to pin-point the direction Sonic can run in after Lost World and Boom. Both had different styles from the successful Sonic Generations and Sonic has been marketed heavily recently using his Classic Design. More so with the mandate to not use the design being lifted with Archie Comics not only having two Sonic Mega Drive issues incoming but them having the next major Arc in the mainline Sonic Comic use his classic look.

Considering this…..I feel that the anniversary game is going to do something with Classic Sonic. Whenever its a Classic Collection not unlike Mega Man’s Legacy Collection or a brand new Classic Sonic adventure doesn’t matter; something for Classic Sonic has a good shot happening for the Sonic Video Game series.

Modern Sonic is likely to be getting a new game, with the concept for this title starting after Sonic Generations wrapped up production and went into full development after the release of Sonic Lost World. I think it might be an open world Sonic if they use the Modern Design, with Sonic using his movesets from both Lost World and Generations to explore massive locations pushing the PS4 and Xbox One to their limits. The Sonic CD Opening being recreated is basically what I’m hoping for if they go in this direction.

The last possibility is that they reboot the Sonic IP again like with Sonic Adventure. That game changed everything for Sonic and was a big gamble with the franchise; the designs changed, the world was more realistic and the focus on cannon & storytelling was pushed more. I could see Sonic Team doing this, now that they had the time to work on this project without being rushed and this project announced to release in 2017. If this happens, the community might be divided but maybe it might pay of.

Happy Anniversary Sonic

Whatever is announced on Friday, I will still enjoy the series. People may dislike it online, say its not very good without thought put behind those words outside of just saying its bad and Sonic is the butt of most jokes online. But I will always respect the series for daring to try new things and push the IP in creative directions. They clearly haven’t worked in the past, but when they do like with Unleashed and Generations, they capture that magic.

I hope they do that again with the anniversary game and it makes everyone happy.


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