Future Retrospective Plans – Rest of 2016 & Early 2017

Hello everyone!

Been a while since the last Retrospective but I have a few announcements I want to share with this post. I plan on making Retrospectives for the Super Mario Series, Rayman, Sly Cooper, God of War and more franchises in the future, with all but God of War being exclusive to this site.

Originally, my Retrospectives were welcome with open arms on NeoGaf and many loved my work on the Sonic, Ratchet & Mega Man series. But, I noticed that the forum as a strong distaste for the platforming genre, so I decided all future platforming-genre related Retrospectives will be on this site and maybe other sites in the future.

I hope you all understand my decision regarding this, as I would rather people read my Retrospectives without hateful or sour comments on the games I cover.

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